living in las alpujarras-viviendo en las alpujarras

To say it was a baptism by fire is an understatement!

Swapping cosy UK life with all its trimmings for a remote village with no shops, TV and the things we all get accustomed to, swapping central heating for open log fires and realising that SPAIN in winter is as cold and at times a lot colder than the UK.

We spent 6 months full of excitement and fun , riding mules down mountains, fiestas, incredible walks and meeting lots of lovely people like Inger(Danish) Sepp Italian, Adrian (American) and Soilei( Finnish).

Whilst there Fernando Columbo was directing a film entitled Al Sur de Granada based on the time spent in Yegan by Gerald Brennan in the early part of the 20th century, but Yegan had been modernised so they used Ferrirola as the main set which was where was living

Throughout the period we looked for houses to buy and one day a neighbour said she new of a house in the Valle de Lecrin and which was about 1/1.30 minutes away, so one fateful Sunday we set off…Chapter 3

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